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Play through roBrowser!

What is roBrowser?
roBrowser is one of the many highlight features dedicated to AtlasRO. It is an open-source project and cross-platform solution based on the popular MMORPG, Ragnarok Online. The concept is to access the game using a web browser via first-rate technologies: HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL, allowing it to be unrestricted despite the fact that it is in a state of constant development.

How do we use roBrowser?
To use roBrowser you will need an up-to-date web browser that is WebGL compatible and conforms to OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU API. This has been thoroughly tested, implemented and is fully operational on web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. In order to operate roBrowser as a Chrome App (Google Chrome Application), you need to set a WebSocket Proxy Server, if not you won't be able to execute a native socket without relying on the Java plugin installed in your web browser.

What's so good about roBrowser?
While roBrowser is very convenient to use, there will always be advantages and disadvantages to its features:


  • Easy to use! Launch, log in and play!
  • Can be accessed anywhere through any web browser.
  • Allows you to play RO without the need of downloading the client.


  • Offers limited game features.
  • May have some bugs/glitches that do not exist on the client.
  • Pace of the game and loading time is dependent on the user's ISP.

NOTE: roBrowser is an ongoing project and there may be some game features that cannot be fully utilized with it. This platform is still unstable and incomplete, and the present bugs/glitches are not something that we can fix on our end. Thank you!

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Credits to KeyWorld for roBrowser.