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What is AndRO?
AndRO is an emulator for Android working with Athena-based MMORPG servers that supports Ragnarok Online client. This is another highlight feature of AtlasRO that brings more people to the gaming community with ease and accessibility. This App allows you to play AtlasRO using any of your Android gadgets, and is also available via BlueStacks on your computers. AndRO mostly supports Official Servers, with the exception of Atlas Ragnarok Online! So what are you waiting for?

What are the requirements for AndRO?
AndRO is available for use in any Android handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It requires the latest Android version for it to run smoothly. Due to copyright infringement issues with Gravity Corporation, AndRO cannot be distributed through Google Play. You will have to manually download AndRO and open the .APK file on your Android file directory.

Why choose AndRO?
Although AndRO is best suited for those who do not have immediate access to their computers, there will always be favorable and unfavorable factors in terms of its efficiency:


  • Hassle-free! Use your Android devices readily.
  • Allows you to do in-game tasks that require minimal input.
  • Can be a useful as a chat-client while hanging out at a city with friends.


  • Some game features are partially restricted.
  • May have some bugs/glitches that are only AndRO exclusive.
  • Game (FPS) and loading time is dependent with newer Android versions.

NOTE: AndRO is under constant development and there are updates to it from time to time. With that being said, there are several game features that you cannot completely use with it. This platform is a work in progress, and the bugs/glitches at hand are not something that we can fix on our end. Thank you!

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Credits to Chris Edisson for AndRO.