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Getting Started: Welcome to Atlas Ragnarok Online!

Welcome to Atlas Ragnarok Online!
The first thing you need to do is create an In-Game Account. Please make sure to fill out all the necessary details with the correct information. You will receive a confirmation e-mail for validation once you are done. The In-Game Account you have just created is what you're going to use to login in the game itself, using the Username and Password that you have set.

NOTE: You can also register a Forum Account separately. Kindly fill out the basic information required. Validate your Forum Account with the confirmation e-mail that you will be receiving after registering and you're all set. We highly encourage you to join our Community Boards. Having a Forum Account lets you interact with other players and the Staff members. See you there!

How do I download AtlasRO's Game Client?
Click HERE!. Please choose which installer suits you best. Make sure to follow the instructions available for Full and Lite Client Installers carefully to ensure the proper installation of the game. If you encounter any problems with the setting up process, kindly report it to our Technical Support.

Yay! I'm in! What should I do next?
Once you have logged in using your In-Game Account, you need to set up an In-Game Character. You will see a "Character Select" window. You have a maximum of 15 character slots per account. Choose any of these empty slots and click "Make" to create a character. Give your character its own personality by choosing your own hair style, hair color and the stats that you want to enhance. Once you're done, follow the guide located in the Novice Training Grounds!

Do we have Freebies?
FREEBIES? OF COURSE, YOU DO! We make all our freebies character-bound. So each and every character in an In-Game Account will get it for sure. You can claim your freebies on your Novice Spawn Point. You will also get status buffs and some starting items that will help you in your new adventure.

What are these items in my inventory?
Your freebies will be automatically added in your inventory once you talk to the "New Comer" NPC and it contains:

  • Field Manual (2x)
  • Bubble Gum (1x)
  • Speed Potion (10x)
  • Light White Potion (100x)

NOTE: All of the said items are character-bound.

Now that you're all set, you can go and start making fun memories and experience an ever-expanding universe and non-stop adventure here in AtlasRO! This is a great way to hang out with friends as well as make new ones. Make sure to spread the word because the more, the merrier! Have fun!